New Eston Low Migration varnish

UVISET 45 LOW MIGRATION come from the link between Eston Chimica's R&D Dept. and the increasingly international market demand.


UVISET 45 LOW MIGRATION represents the last born of the prestigious overprint varnishes family of Eston Chimica UV Sector, created by the continous improvement process of the R&D Dept. which has been distinguishing for 15 years for maximum flexibility towards Customer's requests and its strong result-based way of working.


Different from others, UVISET 45 LOW MIGRATION has been formulated with closed molecular structure raw materials, avoiding the migration of volatile elements: this makes it particularly suitable for all the uses related to FOOD PACKAGING (indirect contact) or in that cases where the compliance with the SWISS ORDINANCE Standard and NESTLE' GUIDANCE NOTE is requested.


The complete domestic production allows UVISET 45 LOW MIGRATION to enhance its competitive advantage coming from the absence of any production or logistic intermediation: for further information concerning prices and properties, the Customer Service is at your beck and call.