New relief varnish UVISET 1705 SER

Eston Chimica increases its products' portfolio: UVISET 1705 SER, a new UV high thick screen  varnish, suitable for printing on paper and plastic. 
The Eston U.V. R&D Dept. reaches a new success with the formulation of UVISET 1705 SER, a UV high thick screen varnish which has already received wide acceptance among Customers who supported the laboratory tests.
According to the feedbacks emerged from the Customers, who partecipated at the pre-launch testing, the product stands out an excellent gloss level, considered at the highest levels if compared to the existing products in the market; an optimal outcome if used with 77 needles frame machines.
Moreover, the high flexibility on the plastic supports and the good adhesion to paper and plastic, place UVISET 1705 SER among the best in its segment. The varnish is fully compatible with all Eston screen printing varnishes: the required printing viscosity can be reached by mixing UVISET 1705 SER with, for example, UVISET 1405 1/A-80 and UVISET 1207 1/B.
A great competitive advantage comes from the Eston Chimica in-house production which ensures a process without intermediate steps: we give to the Customer the just in time service at the lowest price possible.
For further information please contact your Eston Customer Service reference.