Nairobi, Kenya, 9-12 September 2014

Eston Chimica attended the first edition of East Afripack, the exhibition entirely dedicated to Sub-Saharan East Africa emerging economies.
East Afripack has been for Eston, a meeting point with a high-qualified Public, with whom we had an exchange of knowledge and expertise which will promote the packaging development in the Area.
Improving the packaging industry is the highest priority in the entire East African Area as a solution to the waste of food, 60% is lost before reaching the consumers.
An appropriate packaging, beyond improving the quality of life among the population in the Area, will facilitate the exportations due to the alignment to the international standards.
The Eston target to know and to get known on the EAC market has been achieved. We had the pleasure to meet our already existing Partners and also to learn about new opportunities with new Partners.
Thank you All for the cooperation!