Eston Chimica

Company Profile


In every project, aim, commitment, as much as in the daily work, it must look over and not stop on the surface; this is Eston Chimica - modus operandi. Eston Chimica is a young and dynamic company, made up of young and dynamic people, from the business to the production division, who work in close contact every day, by exchanging ideas and knowledge and by granting a constant growth both in a professional and human way.

Its strong point is the excellent human relationships of the team. Companies are made by people and people make the difference. Whether we are working with a supplier, a client or a partner, we completely dedicate ourselves to the improvement of the relationship with them.

Colours are the nature’s alphabet, we translate them into inks and vernishes that know how to express at best your products.

Eston Chimica- mission and core business is to formulate, develop and produce water-based overprint varnishes and inks. This allows Eston Chimica to focus its efforts on the research of new products and solutions useful to the growth of a market that every day becomes more and more advanced, but doesn’t prevent it to become a benchmark for many printers in Italy and in the world.


Over the past years Eston Chimica - demonstrated its commitments to its customers through top-quality standards, quick deliveries and prompt on-the-premises technical assistance. This excellence, together with an extensive industry know-how, represents the strength and the peculiarity of the company.

In a world full of leaders and high quality services, we don’t feel the best but we work to become the best.

All our clients are much more than a purpose, they are a heritage to maintain and develop. This kind of approach makes the Eston Chimica-service fully customized and pointed towards its clients satisfaction.


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